Customer Onboarding Flow Example

Get a full overhaul of your customer onboarding workflow. Companies that go through this Onboarding Bootcamp see huge increases in their customer conversion, feature adoption, and retention!

This is a comprehensive onboarding optimization package that accomplishes the following things for products/companies:

  1. Audit of current onboarding flow

  2. Discover all touchpoints across every department and channels used to engage customers at initial interaction

  3. Customer Research: what do they see, what do they want, what do they want that they don’t know they want yet

  4. Definition of Onboarding KPIs including TTV (Time to Value, How long it takes for the customer to reach “The Moment” in which they see that your product solves the “job” they are trying to complete or problem they are trying to solve)

  5. Benchmark current onboarding performance metrics (with defined KPIs)

  6. Understanding and Build plan to Reduce “TTV” (Time to Value)

  7. Model new framework and onboarding workflow

  8. Implement new onboarding workflow

  9. Measure results

  10. Report on results

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